First Phase, “How NIKI started”

NIKI has the longest experiences in wide format inkjet business in Japan. We have been releasing unique products and solutionsthrough its worldwide network. The President, Mr. Mark Miyatake who used to stay in the USA encountered the large format inkjetsystem in 1990. This was the first large format inkjet printer to support the PostScript language in the reasonable price range. NIKI hasbecome the first investor to the inkjet solution provider in the USA, called Sentinel Imaging (, now Agfa) and started theinkjet business in Japan in 1993. Particularly in the beginning stage of the company, NIKI has devoted a lot of time to bring the variousadvanced technologies and know-how in areas of software, ink and media development and finishing instruments. This was solely toopen up the inkjet market locally in Japan. As the industry’s leader in Japan, NIKI is not only a mere distributor of various inkjet relatedproducts, but has been deeply involved in the developing activities of domestic and foreign products. The Japanese market demand isvery unique and requests quite high level of quality and stability in products. NIKI is an expert in the quality control and has beenadvising its partners to make continuing improvement on each product. Our partners varies from large well-branded companies tohighly sophisticated local companies in the specific area.

Second Phase

Due to the growth of inkjet consumables market, many of inkjet consumables were well matured in its quality and cost. In order topursue more differentiated solutions, NIKI established the print service bureau called Nicole Co., Ltd. in1996 as its wholly ownedsubsidiary. They targeted not only quick delivery on demand inkjet printing but also more high volume lot of printing jobs mostly on thespecific applications. Nicole business was so successful and was probably ranked within top five inkjet print service bureaus in Japan.In 2016, this company business was transferred to B&P Co., Ltd. which went to publicly traded in 2019.

Third Phase

NIKI has been chasing the unique business model mostly technologies related. Based on the past know-how and technologies, wehave been challenging the new business items. We always expect to have the long relationship with its suppliers and look for themutual profits under long term relationship. This is a commitment of NIKI to our foreign partners.

First achievements in Japan

Started with Sentinel Imaging in the US in 1991

  • Ink development
    • First water based pigmented ink for high resolution printer
    • Heat cured ink to support non-coated media
  • Printers
    • First PostScript support inkjet system sale
    • First Chinese made grand format printer sale
    • Heat cued inkjet system to label industries
  • Software
    • First introduction of ICC profiles
    • Developing the drivers and distributing the RIP to Olympus, Canon, Konica, etc. under OEM, with the joint work of Aurelon,Netherland (now discontinued)
    • Japanization of Ghost Script
  • Finishings
    • First liquid laminator release with Seal graphics
    • Low temperature laminating with pressure sensitive adhesive film

Outline of company

Activities : Distributing the consumables and partly system related to wide format inkjet printing Establish : August, 1991 Capital :JPN\28,000,000 (abt US$280,000) Address : 3-9 Moriyacho Kanagawaku, Yokohama, Kanagawa 221-0022, Japan Mark Miyatake,President & CEO

Company nameNIKI INC.
Major activitiesDistributing the consumables and partly system related to wide format inkjet printing
Establishment August, 1991
CapitalJPN¥28,000,000 (abt US$250,000)
Address4-6-39 Yokodai, Isogo-ku Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa
2350045 JAPAN
PresidentMark Miyatake ( profile Linkedin )